• Vincent Moreau

    Vincent Moreau

    Assign jobs, optimize travel routes and communicate in real-time are the main purpose of Yuman 👷‍♂️👩‍🔧 a Mobile Maintenance Management Software🚀

  • Maï Dub

    Maï Dub

  • Raj Hembrom

    Raj Hembrom

    Day dreamer night thinker, Student, Sports Lover, Reading, Newbie self blogger and a learner.

  • Martin Van Aken

    Martin Van Aken

  • Roald Sieberath

    Roald Sieberath

    ✩#Entrepreneur | #Venture Partner @LeanSquareBE | #KauffmanFellows | IT engineer & MBA | ❤️: #startups coach #AI #ML #IoT #eHealth ☯✈ ♫#art ☼#life

  • Ana BebsTheDev

    Ana BebsTheDev

    A code newbie’s thoughts on the learning journey.

  • Eve Quennehen

    Eve Quennehen

  • Anoush Kaa

    Anoush Kaa

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